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Flow Control

Hagedorn manure spreaders use a custom designed flow control valve for precise control of unloading and application. Engineered and manufactured exclusively for Hagedorn, the valve works well with all types of hydraulic systems and includes an internal bypass for quick return regardless of unloading speed.

All 5000 series and 8000 series V Series are standard-equipped with a sequencing valve. This feature is integrated into the flow-control valve and prevents the push-gate from engaging before the endgate is raised, preventing accidental damage due to a collision. The sequencing valve is available as an option on horizontal beater models.

Flow controls are designed by our own engineering staff to work with all modern hydraulic systems and are manufactured by a reputable North American manufacturer.

Flow Control

Hoses & Fittings

Hoses & Fittings

All hoses and fittings are industry standard SAE (O-ring) or JIC (37 degree flare) fittings. There are no pipe threads. All hoses and fittings are rated for 3500 PSI operation.

Machines are supplied with poppet style ISO male tips from reputable North American suppliers such as Parker and Safeway.

Rubber hoses eliminate the corrosion problems that can destroy steel lines and, in the event of damage, can be easily replaced without ordering special parts.


Push-off cylinders, like our flow controls, are designed by our own engineering staff and manufactured by a reputable North American manufacturer.

Our hollow-rod design (an industry first in 1990) allows oil flow for extend and retract cycles to be channelled through the rod eliminating the tangle of hoses that would otherwise be involved when the cylinder strokes.

The cylinders use a rugged, ball-type sealing system that easily handles the flexing that is inevitable with stroke lengths up to 17 feet. Pistons and glands are high-grade ductile iron for maximum wear and durability.

For V Series 5000 series models we use industry standard tie-rod cylinders on the endgate. V Series model 8610 uses welded-construction endgate cylinders.