Features: Frame Construction

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Manure spreader frame

The frame is the heart and backbone of a manure spreader. Our frames combine structural tubes, formed sections and structural channels to achieve great strength and maintain the flexibility that is required in a large mobile platform.

Manure unloads and spreads more evenly when the load is packed. Hagedorn platforms use large-profile formed sections, closely spaced, to carry heavy loads and withstand the forces of packing.

Our customers told us they wanted a spreader that is strong enough to use as a push-off trailer without worrying about sidewall strength. Our frames are designed to support the sides without bulky horizontal members and without relying on the beaters to tie things together.

Our hitch configurations, axle designs and weight distribution are the best in the industry. Axle frames are bolted, not welded, to the main frame. It's good construction and, in the event of damage, the axle is easily removed for repair.

Manure spreader frame
Close-up photo of tongue and hitch

Close-up photo of galvanized steel Close-up photo of galvanized steel

Galvanized Components

Hot-dip galvanized steel has been effectively used since the mid 1800's to prolong the life of building and machine components.

Hydra-Spread uses galvanizing to protect the end-gate, push-gate and beater pan of selected models.

Immersing the welded assembly in molten zinc ensures total protection. Because the process takes place at 700 degrees F the zinc is literally welded to the steel. Inside surfaces of structural tubes, seams, overlapped components—all are completely covered by a protective layer of zinc.

All of this protection comes at a small price. Because the metal is heated to 700 degrees F there is some, unavoidable, shape distortion in the sheet metal components—a small price for years of extra component life.

Poly Boards

Hagedorn's poly boards meet all the requirements for a material that is strong, flexible, resistant to environmental degradation and very slippery.

Our full-length boards and flush-head fasteners make a smooth, obstruction-free surface for easy unloading.

Individual tongue & groove boards make an almost watertight box and, in the event of damage, are easy and inexpensive to replace.

Being plastic (high-density polyethylene), the boards expand and contract with temperature changes. Our frame design and bolting procedure allow the boards to expand and contract freely without undue stress to either boards or frame.

Close-up photo of poly board bolt slots Close-up photo of tongue and groove poly boards Close-up photo of bolt Stack of poly boards