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Proven Reliability.

The longest lasting, best performing, most servicable horizontal beater manure spreader your money can buy. Featuring Hydra-Spread's proven stepped beater configurations and RipGrip paddles for more consistent distribution than traditional beater configurations.

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Vertical Performance.

V Series brings together the proven Hagedorn hydraulic-push platform with the spreading performance of BERMA vertical beaters. The result is a rugged, reliable machine with controllable, measurable and repeatable performance. See it in action online.

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Don't Get Left Behind

Where others saw a waste product we saw a resource and set about designing and building machines to maximize the value of that resource. Our hydraulic-push platforms set the standard for reliability and control. Our beater systems, hydraulics, drivetrains and control systems are the benchmark against which others are measured.

Performance to maximize the value of your manure. Quality and reliability to keep you in the field.

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Extravert model working in the field

Today it's about spreading performance and resource management.

You needed more: more spread width to reduce the number of passes on your fields; axle and tire designs to reduce soil compaction; more processing of the manure for easier incorporation and better nutrient uptake; more control of application rates for maximum nutrient usage and minimum environmental impact.

We created the solution. That's hard to follow.

Hagedorn delivers the spreading performance you need with the ruggedness and reliability to keep you in the field.

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